Friday, January 29, 2010

Looks Can be Deceiving

From the front I look normal....well there is that
tummy area that maybe looks like I have gained
some "love" weight, but all in all I feel like this
isn't all that bad of a picture, if I was to walked by
you, you being a stranger, might not even think twice
about my budding tummy.

GOOOO! Then I turn sideways, and all bets go out
the window! So maybe yellow isn't exactly
a sliming color and you can't see where my
my back ends, because it's not as wide as what
this polka dot cardigan looks like!

But my belly is starting to get hard and not as mooshy
anymore! I am super excited about this turn in the
pregnancy because up until this point I have just felt
chubby and not pregnant. But now that the belly is starting
to get hard and round out a bit more,
I can start to embrace pregnancy a lil' more. I still
get stares from people wondering if I have had a
recent weight gain or if I am in fact pregnant, so I
have still contemplated having a few rotating shirts that
state "Bump NOT Plump!" But for now I will continue to
endure the chubby stage just a little longer, I am hoping only one
or two more weeks and I might actually be recognized as

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rack & 2 Shelves

Before my camera took a nose dive (without my consent first),
I was able to get a few pictures at my friend Kristy's baby shower.
Her and her Hubby Brett, will be having baby Owen at the end
of February! She is THE cutest pregnant girl, and so tiny and
petite. Me on the other hand, not so much! But I have made
it a goal to no longer compare myself to others who may be
pregnant or who have been pregnant. I need to learn that everyone
carries weight differently, and that no matter what happens
over the next 5 months, I am going to gain weight, but wow
that is so hard for me to accept some days!

Me, Kristy, Traci
(Traci keeps losing weight but really I think she sends it
directly to ME somehow! Not a big fan!)

One day my bump on the front will be as big as the bump on the
back! Then I will officially be a walking Home Depot.
(A HUGE rack and 2 LARGE shelves!)

Isn't she just a DOLL? She will be an amazing mom too!
One lucky little boy that's for sure!

Earlier this week I went to the doc's for a check up for me and
baby bear. It had been 5 weeks since my last one, so I was super
excited/anxious to get in there!
(Which I posted about last post, so I will just recap)
We got to hear the heartbeat again,
and I must say hearing Bear's heartbeat never gets old!
Although I am leaning more toward Bear
being a SHE! No, I did not cheat and receive inside information
from the doctors. It's just this feeling I have, so call me crazy!
Anywho, I was so happy to hear the heartbeat again, and recorded it
again for Grandma Kip to hear too. I still continue to feel so
blessed to have this lil' baby inside me, and that I will be bear's momma!
It is so fun to learn what each week brings for the baby's development,
and watch my body grow to fit this kid inside! I THINK, and I only
say I think because this is a new feeling, but I think I have felt the
baby moved based on how people have described it to me. It's
amazing to me to be able to feel something so small, about 5-6 oz.
and about 6-7 inches, move inside your belly. I am so excited for the
day when I can feel the baby kick and move and squirm, and I will know
for sure what's going on down there! I am starting to get used to
sleeping on my side now, for the most part. I still wake up a few times
a night to pee, and then struggle to get my mind to shut off so I can go back
to sleep, but after 4 weeks of trying to learn on my side, I am finally
gettin' the hang of it, which means I'm not as cranky! :)
So, since I don't have a camera, this next week we will be figuring
out how to fix that problem! I might just have to go old school on
this pregnancy and bust out the disposables! I need
to show this child what I went through, so that it could grow to
be strong and healthy and one day hopefully bear will thank me!

Listen to Baby Bear's heartbeat below at 18 weeks:

Monday, January 25, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours

I want to cry! Not an emotionally
heart warming cry, but a
"REALLY? Why right now?" cry.

Our computer needs a doctor, cuz
it's broke. It broke last week, and while
I wasn't happy about it, I thought I could
live without it for a while....
(wrong, very very wrong!)

But THE main reason I want to cry is....
My beloved camera is now broke as well!
Of all the times for this thing to break,

So for now, I am officially 18 weeks pregnant,
but no pictures to show you (or me).
We went to the doctor's again today for a
check up and were able to hear the heart beat again!
That little sound is like music to my ears.
I breathe a sigh of relief knowing the baby
is still in there cookin'! It was just as easy
this time to find the heartbeat, as it was the last time, and it
sounded even louder/stronger this go around too!
In 3 weeks, we will go in for an ultra-sound
and I cannot wait to see this lil' martian growin'
in my big ol' belly! We get to make sure baby bear
has all 10 fingers and toes and see the spine, and
watch the heartbeat and all hat good stuff MINUS
checkin' out baby bear's package! ;)

P.S. I have officially gained 7 lbs. so far in the pregnancy!
The workout regime will now commence to be in FULL
effect ASAP! I don't want to be a waddler!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paisley & Polka Dots

What a weekend! It was full of fun, friends, and productivity!
I started my Saturday off at a baby shower for Kristy Denney,
which was so much fun! I have pics on my camera but our
computer is broken so that will have to wait for another post!
She got some amazing things for her baby boy, Owen.
Her amazing mother-in-law and mom combined forces
to make her, her very own unique baby bedding, and I
made sure to take notes, so that I can do the same for our
baby bear! It was so much fun to see her growing belly
and hang out with friends I haven't seen in forever!

After the baby shower, Michael and I met up with some of our/my
friends to go to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday! I LOVE
Cheesecake Factory but we rarely go because of the crazy long wait
that you have once you arrive! Well this Saturday night was no
different! We waited for an hour and a half (i have some troopers
for friends) and finally got seated! By this time we were all famished
and finished off a few baskets of bread while waiting for our meals.
I got my all time favorite meal, the chicken and shrimp gumbo,
which only solidifies my case that I think i was a big black woman
in a previous life, and I loved every bite of it! Thanks to everyone
that came and made my night so much fun!

Sadly, after we arrived back home, and Michael passed
out in bed, I was still wide awake with a VERY full belly. I
usually can lay on my tummy to make me fall asleep even when
i am so full, but not now that there is someone else in there!
So I was there, just laying there thinking about who knows
what, and then it hit me. I needed the toilet ASAP! I SPRINTED
to the toilet and over the next few hours watched every
last bit of food I had consumed that day come right back up.
At about 3 am, I decided I was done, but oh I sure did have one more
good heave in there don't you worry! So 3 am, I finally come
back to bed thinking that Michael would have wondered
where I have been this whole time, NOPE!
Still snoring sound asleep. The next morning he didn't even know
I had been out of bed at all. I told him the next time he won't
be so lucky! Maybe I will wake him up to be miserable
with me, OR maybe I should just sneak out one night and hit
the bar scene in SLC! Hahahahahaha! It will be like the movie
"Knocked Up" and I am at a club with my huge belly! ;)

The next day I felt so much better (tired but better) and we went
to church then to Midge's house for some Sunday dinner, which was
AMAZING. She made Lasagna and it was to die for! We got to hang out
with her fam and her little ones and Michael got to be around
little kids for the first time. He learned that 1 year olds eat with their
hands, not a fork or spoon, and get their food everywhere! I can;t
wait to see what we both learn along the way of parenthood!
It is bound to give us some laughs, as we are both slightly clueless!

Then, ah Monday! I had Monday off but poor Michael had to work!
I was able to do a ton of shopping for fabric for our little one! I went
to about 6 different fabric stores and Jo-Ann's for a pattern!
I ended up getting almost all of the fabric I needed, and I am
really excited about the Paisley and Polka Dot theme, that came out
of all that shopping!

This is the paisley, since our computer is down, I took a pic on
my phone. It's not the best quality, and the colors are brighter
in real life but you can get the idea!

Even Lucy loved all the fabric I ended up with, and I think she
thought it was for her! She was laying on the bed ALL OVER
the fabric so I kicked her off, and covered the fabric with our
comforter that was on the bed. Well apparently she is the World's
Smartest/Sneakiest Cat because, as soon as she got off the bed,
she jumped right back on the corner of the bed, and went UNDER
the covers and sat right back on the fabric! REALLY?! I was so
surprised/shocked/impressed that I just left her there for a while!
She sure does keep me on my toes at all times! Love you Crazy Kitty!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well today I am a year older. But this is the first birthday
that I honestly feel OLD! Like OGB (old grey bush as MJ calls me)

While this dude is not knocking on my door (at least to my knowledge anyway)

And I am beginning to feel a lot like this Old Bag (minus the cig of course!)
Poor Poor Lucy! Bless her heart! <3

I have to remember that I have one of these on the way this year!
No, we still don't know the sex of the baby, but I am in love with
this little girl! She melts my heart every time I see her rolls and rolls!
If you want to see more of her adorable pics you can go HERE.

All in all, I have amazing friends and family that I am surrounded
by, that fill my life with love and laughter! I honestly do feel old,
and the fact that I am now closer to 30 than I am 20 freaks me out
just a bit, but I do have a lot to look forward to this year! I definitely
feel incredibly blessed and thank everyone who took time out of
their day to make me feel special! And a special thank you to Michael
for my beautiful card and for spoiling me everyday with your love
and affection. I am the luckiest girl to call you my best friend, my
1 true love and my husband :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Battle of the Bulge

16 Weeks and Then Some!

I am 16 weeks & a few days on my way to week 17.
Contrary to what these pictures might suggest,
I am eating healthy, no burgers, fries, desserts,
or anything greasy or chocolaty for this mama!
And with all the fruits, and salads and healthy
eating i have been doing i still feel/look like a house!
REALLY?! How is this fair? How is it
that girls that are 4-6 weeks ahead of me pregnancy-wise
look about the same as I do? My jeans don't fit, and I am
officially wrapping a rubber-band around them to continue to
wear them. Although my boobs are now GINORMOUS
(and I am in now way complaining about that) I could definitely,
with confidence take on any playboy model from the neck down,
and chest up! Haha if only! I do love my newly found cleavage!
I am not used to the spare tire I now call my
stomach...where did my abs go? This is one hell of a "winter coat"
I have going on over here! I can't wait to spend countless
hours trying to shed all of this back off my body!
And while I complain and constantly stare in wonderment
at my growing love handles, I am completely in love with
the fact that I have the opportunity to bring one of Heavenly Father's
precious little ones into our family! Life is such a wonderful
blessing, and quite the miracle that a baby is the product of
one of my favorite past times ----bahahahaha just sayin' is all!
I am so glad that the yucky sick part of pregnancy is over,
and that I now have more energy during the day,
and I know Michael is glad too as he was getting worried
that he would have to "fend for himself from now on".
Michael is now glad to see the house being cleaned on a regular
basis, and meals being made once again! I think I created a monster,
by cooking for him all the time, he is now helpless when it comes to food.
But I love cooking and I am so glad that the smell of some food
doesn't send me running to the toilet! All in all, so far so good with
this pregnancy! Stay tuned for more spare tire jokes/pics!

After the Timpview Football banquet...I might be
in love with this dress because it hides the chub so well!
Note- getting rid of the awful bangs! can't grow fast enough!
My Honda comes with a spare tire, which is Awesome!
Apparently so does my stomach, NOT Awesome!

(queue fat bastard's voice now)
Wait a minute?! He kinda looks like a bebe!
Come here I'm gonna eat ya!!
I'm bigger than you! I'm higher on the food chain!

Mrs. Pudge & her cat!
Tried to get Lucy to show her belly
too, but she wasn't havin' any of it!
This was her reply, "sorry fatty! You're
on your own!" The nerve she has!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Boy or Girl

Baby Bakken aka Gummi Bear will be ....

We (and when I say we I mean ME with a whole bunch of convincing on Michael's part) decided to go against the "norm" of couples finding out the sex of your baby before it's here. When we first found out I was "with child" we immediately wanted to know what we were having. I pray Baby B is a boy for multiple reasons... A- Michael would love a boy (what guy doesn't) 2- after seeing Michael's baby through little boy pictures for the first time over Christmas I am convinced if we have a girl she will be the next world champion weight lifter and we might as well name her Helga "the unstoppable" right outta the gate! He was a 9 and change lb baby for one...and was the cutest "big boy" i have ever seen complete with bowl cut! and finally D- I have always wanted a little boy. I was a tomboy and wanted a little brother soooo badly but instead got Kaitlin, and although she is just as tomboyish as I still wasn't a baby brother! But all of the "i wonder what we are having" will have to continue until the end of June! If it is a girl, I will be just as pleased as if I would have had a boy. She will be our princess that will break all the boys hearts when they realize how she can school them at any sport she plays and them charm her way through anything! Michael will no doubt be wrapped around her finger and I just hope that my nickname of "princess" will go to her but I will move up to queen B! :) Regardless of what Heavenly Father sends us, we will love our lil' bear with all out hearts and try not to screw it up with "daddy" or "mommy" issues! We know how lucky we are to have this opportunity and can't wait to meet the lil' one and watch him/her grow! So until June 27th...we will update you on everything BUT what we are having! You will have to wait with us!

Just out of curiosity, what do you think I will be having? I would love to know some guesses! Fell free to comment! :)