Monday, March 29, 2010

Just to Laugh on a Monday!

Since having Lucy I have been much more aware of cute things "kitty"!
Some of these pictures make me laugh because cats just always
have their own personalities! I love how sweet they can be but yet
how crazy they can be at the same time....we love Lucy and all the
entertainment she provides us on a daily basis!


This is how I feel everyday!

Favorite pic out of all of them!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Bakken Photoshoot

On Monday, when we were at my OB appointment, I was
talking to my doctor about how much I enjoyed the DVD
video we had of our ultrasound but I was really wanting
a few photos/snapshots of the lil' bear so that I could put
them in the journal but then also in a frame in bear's room!
Normally, I know you have to pay for extra ultrasounds, but
luckily I had a really cool doctor (who is my fave so far) and
after my check up was done and we heard the heartbeat again
(about 140 fyi...which generally means GIRL) we popped over to
the ultrasound room to check on our little honey bear! It was
so fun to see bear (but still no peeking at the boy/girl parts sorry!)
Bear was sleeping for the most part, and just like true Brooke Thulin
(i know bear is only 50%) fashion, bear was sleepin on it's belly just
like i do, and this time with the feet tucked up under like in a ball.
So a few of the pictures we have are so cute! I seriously can't wait
to meet this kid and see what he/she looks like!

Here is bear's little foot in the middle of the screen.

Baby bear is showin us her/his guns! This is bear flexing!

This is bear's knees bent and all curled up.

Look at that cute button nose!!!
Love this profile picture! Hurry up June!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Bigger By the Day

At this point in the game, I look like I have a soccer ball in my belly!
I can remember growing up and going to soccer camps every
summer and without fail, putting that ball up my shirt and telling
everyone I had a baby in there (that and putting a soccer ball
on top of an orange cone and telling everyone I had the world's largest
ice cream cone....real original right?!)! Well now I really do have a baby in
my belly, and to see my belly get bigger every week freaks me out/is
comforting. It's weird for me to not be able to see my crotch when
I sit down anymore. It's weird that when I look down I can barely
see the tips of my toes, but all of this growth in my belly means baby is
still in there cookin, and continuing to grow big
and strong which is exactly what bear needs to do!

Officially 6 months here!
Michael was out of town, so I had to do a self-portrait before church!

Why the random picture in this green jacket...
well maybe because a mere 6 months ago it was summer,
I was fit, I was tan, oh and this jacket zipped up all the way!
Now I am lucky if I can get the teeth of the zipper within
5 inches of each other! Oh weight gain how I have embraced you!

This is just sad. The bottom is QUITE stretchy and i STILL
can't even get it to zip! Pathetic really!

What time is it? Time to embrace this new body!
It's really hard for me to feel cute or pretty these days.
My thighs are bigger. My boobs are bigger. My belly is
QUITE bigger. I no longer have abs, toned arms or legs.
BUT what I do have is a very healthy, quite cute (from what
we have seen on the ultrasounds)growing baby, so I try
not to complain too much, and remember the blessings I DO have!
This is me at 25 weeks and counting!

I spy 2 very small images of toes....and a very messy room! Don't judge me!

This is before our OB appointment today. Lucy wanted to show off her
belly too! She has been getting bigger and I think upgraded to CAT
status now, but is getting a new workout in our new place now that she
has more space! She loves chasing the ball down the stairs
and is quite the pro these days! I still love seeing her slide on the hardwood
floors though when she gets going too fast! I'm a mean mommy!

Does this picture make my boobs look floppy? Not sure how I feel
about this...but the gut looks good :)

My face says it all really....

The bare naked truth.....

Let's hope bear gets Michael's coloring....come on Mexi genes!
Now that I am 25 weeks, it is fun to feel AND look pregnant. I no longer have to explain to people that I am pregnant (not chubby) and I don't think bear has any intentions of coming out early! I am pretty sure bear is comfy cozy in there, and LOVES to eat! I have had THE biggest appetite lately. I'm a bus! I cannot eat enough and when I think I have eaten too much and it's hard to breath, don't worry that feeling goes away and I am right back to thinking about what my next snack should be! I saw a commercial on the TV last night for curly fries and just about had a meltdown. I wanted them, BAD! I needed them, NOW! What happened to my fruit and salad cravings? What kind of a monster so I have growing inside me!? Doesn't bear know I need to watch what we eat and just because I am pregnant doesn't mean it's a free ticket to be a Fatty McPatty? Well, so far I have had self-control but in all reality I am not sure how much longer that will last, as my mouth is watering right now as I type and think about those damn (sorry bear...don't use swear words) fries. But, I will try to keep it healthy because I know come July/August I am gonna be REALLY cursing at myself if I let it get out of control.

Overall, I feel like this has been going by so fast. But I know that the end of the pregnancy is always the hardest. You are HUGE, tired, sore/achy, and just all around anxious to meet this new person that you have been taking care of to bring here safely! I really do feel so lucky (at this point...mostly because I have YET to go through labor...ask me how lucky I feel after childbirth) that I get to carry our baby. I get to feel bear move around. I know I complain to Michael about not feeling sexy anymore, but I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. Women have been blessed with something that men won't ever have. I feel blessed to be a woman and feel blessed to be an LDS woman. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have, knowing that NO matter what, families are eternal. I hate to think about it, BUT if for some crazy reason something happened to bear, and he/she didn't make it, I am so blessed to know that we will see bear again and will always be with one another. It is such a calming feeling to know that all will not be lost, and that our heavenly father knows exactly what he is doing and has a plan for each one of us. BUT, I don't even want to think about all that, and will continue to be happy with each passing week that baby bear decides to stay in mama's big ol' warm, mooshy belly! We love bear more and more everyday and can't wait to meet him/her!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ready for This?

My friend Sarah sent me this link the other day to 40 of the best "messes"
of little kids! So entertaining! Look at all the glorious things that await me!

While all of these are super funny to look at, the sad thing is that some poor
mom had to clean up after these kiddos! I guess when your kid does something
like this you have no choice but to laugh. But what about THIS poor mom?!? I cannot
even explain the horror I would have felt walking into that room! I can just see
the FURIOUS look on Michael's face coming home to something like this. Oh the
joys of motherhood and what I have to look forward to! Can't wait! ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Week All Alone

The hubster left yesterday for a whole week! A WHOLE WEEK!!

He is going down south for a while to go to a coaching clinic and learn
lots of new things and learn from coaches with tons of experience!
He will be at LSU for a few days.....

Then down to Southern Miss for a few more days! This is such
a great opportunity for him, and I am so excited he was able to go,
BUT me and the little devil miss him already lots! The bed seems
huge and empty without him right next to me snoring!

But with all the new knowledge he will come back with, I am sure
I married the next Pete Carroll of coaching! :)

So with MJ gone, that gives me lots of time to clean up the house
so when he returns, the house is finally all put together and spotless!
Unfortunately I do not look like this hot tramp below while cleaning!

I also get to do about a month's worth of laundry! YAY!

And there will definitely be plenty of this going on at my
house come Saturday/Sunday!

So while I am all alone this week, I have big plans to get a lot done, BUT
seeming that I fell asleep at like 745 on the couch last night, we will
see just how much I get accomplished! Wish me luck!