Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cutie Pie

This last week was so much fun with my mom in town. She got to spend some quality time with B$ since she had the entire week off for TG and we still had to work through Wednesday. She was our live in nanny for a few days. Brady gave her a run for her money on Monday, and I will never forget the look on my mom's face when we walked in the door from work. She looked a little disheveled and completely relieved to see someone to come save her from our grumpy boy! Brady has been teething this last week, and he has NOT been happy about it. He can go from happy to down right angry in about .25 seconds. Once we finally figured out what was going on with the poor guy, we got him to calm down a bit with some meds for his gums.

I mean who could be mad at this face?!

This last week has also been a week for self discoveries and milestones.  Brady has found and become enamored by his toes. He holds them and stares at them in his Bumbo, he now holds on to them while I change his diaper, and tries to bend as much as possible to get them in his mouth!

We have discovered that he is teething and EVERYTHING goes in his mouth and he NAWS on his little fingers, chew toys and even his binkie!

He has also found his VOICE...and boy does he use it! He just jabbers all day long and all of a sudden has found this gut wrenching scream....not sure why he screams but oh does he scream. Anytime he is not happy about something he screams. it needs to go ASAP!

Brady also found his ears this last week. He can't seem to quite understand what they are...he just knows there is something on the side of his head that bends when he plays with them....

We have also recently found our tongue. We stick out our tongue constantly and make the funniest noises and blow all kinds of spit bubbles with them. It is quite entertaining to say the least.  He also loves when you do it back to him and thinks that's the funniest thing ever!

It is so fun watching Brady turn into a little boy right before our eyes. He is an exact mix oh both Michael and I.  He looks EXACTLY like I did when I was a baby but yet has Michael's personality 100%! So he is Mom on the outside and Dad on the inside! :) I love being his mommy and feel so lucky to have this little
boy in our home.  He is teaching me so many things about life and perfecting me as we go along!
Brady I love you to the moon and back!

P.S.  Brady is 5 months today!!! Where the heck does the time go?? I swear it was just last week I was pregnant and on my way to the hospital at 3:30 am about to have a baby!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chubby Takes a Bath

I love when my mom comes to town because that means we take lots of pictures of Brady
and that also means that I get lots of pictures WITH Brady :)
Brady LOVES his bath but I think he just loves to be naked in general.
He giggles and giggles when I take his clothes off ( not good... not good at all!)
He loves to splash in the water and gets water EVERYWHERE and gets our entire
kitchen including me...SOAKED. I am thinking of bathing him in my bathing suit!
We call Brady's bath his Hot Tub....and I myself have a love for Hot Tubs...
so I think I know where he gets it from!

Lovin' the drool!

Lovin' this chunk!

Look at that backside! He got it from his Mama!

Brady has recently learned how to pull himself up in the Hottub!

Go Muscles!!!

He also loves to hold the hose and bath himself! :)

Look at this cutie!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BrookeB Photography

It is no secret that I LOVE to take pictures, be in pictures and I could look at pictures on different blogs all day long! I hired a fabulous photographer for my wedding pictures, because that's what we would have to look at after all was said and done. I hired another fabulous photographer to take my maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Brady to capture that moment in our lives as well. Every moment is a memory. The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. I love taking pictures of my family on random nights. The everyday stuff. 
But let's be real...who doesn't love a fabulous coordinated photo shoot (besides my husband)? I love to look
back at the pictures I have and see where I have been and where that has taken me today. 

With that said, I don't know why it has taken me so long to do something about it and make the big jump
to do something with my life that I am passionate about and that I love doing for not only my family but my friends and others as well. Maybe I am a little scared to put myself out there.  Scared to open myself
up to criticism. I hate not being good at something, and in photography you are always striving
for new creative ways to be the best. It will always be an evolving process, but I am hoping
that overtime I can get better and better and one day be like the great photographers I admire so much.

I have had a lot of help from fabulous friends that have encouraged me and have been so sweet
to help me with all of my million questions about everything from A-Z about my camera, photo-shop, how to start a business, my logo, you name it I have asked about it. I need to at least say thank you to Carly Daniel,
Tiffany Johnson and Kimi Taylor for all being so wonderful to me. Carly and Tiffany are wonderful
friends who have luckily been so patient with me on all my questions and have given me
great feedback on some of my photos. Kimi Taylor is the FABULOUS designer who created these....

Are those logos NOT AMAZING?? She pretty much rocks and will give you anything you could ever want and is so friggin creative it makes me jealous! You can see her work HERE and if you ever need some creative awesomeness you know who to call (no not ghostbusters)!!

So there you have it, I have started a photography business.  It's small but I am getting out there and doing what I love. I would love to make this thing grow and learn new things and meet new people, but we will just have to see what Big Guns upstairs has in store for me as time goes on.
Wish me luck! and in the meantime check back at BrookeB Photography to see what I am up to!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Giant New Step

I go through here tomorrow.  My life will forever be changed.
Because then I get to be sealed to...

THESE 2 Handsome fellas....

For time and all eternity at this gorgeous place....

Could I be any more of a lucky girl?
I think not.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sad Ending

Well Timpview's 2010 season is over and all too soon!
Up until last Friday we were undefeated...but sadly we got a little too comfortable
and underestimated our opponent (although the refs basically GAVE them the game...quite frustrating).
We had a great season and Brady LOVED going to the football games.
Even when he was colicky (and it was the worst st night) he didn't scream or cry
at any games.  I think all the kids and all the noise was a great distraction for him
and he didn't focus on his hurting tummy! So we loved our Friday Night Lights and will miss them
like crazy! I, on a personal note, LOVED watching Michael coach and I love
how much joy and happiness it brings Michael.  He is an amazing coach and always puts his
heart and soul into it, and really cares about the boys.  It was so sweet, he really wasn't too upset
about the loss, he said he was more upset that he won't get to be around the guys anymore
and won't see that as much, if at all.  What a big teddy bear I have!! Shh...keep that on the hush!
Although we will miss high school football, I am hoping the future will have bigger and better
things to bring for our family. Michael really wants to make coaching his career, it's just so 
dang to get a break in the industry, it's all about who ya know and who is willing to help
you out, and so far we know no one and no one will take a chance on him.
I REALLY hope that changes in the near future. I know he will make an amazing college 
coach and would be a HUGE asset to any program that took him on. So if any of you out
there in the internet world has a connection PLEASE send it our way! We 
would FOREVER be grateful for this chance! Until then,
we will continue to love football and can't wait for what the future has to bring us.

Timpview T'Bird 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lovin' Our Ball of Energy!

I love his little giggle...it's coming along and he is doing it more and more...


He laughs so hard he cries sometimes....

This is what I was talking about with Brady in the bath...only now it's 10 times worse.
This is the first night he was squirmy in the bath.  It has now multiplied!
Don't mind the crotch shot...

And this one is for Grammies! We can't wait to see you in 2 short weeks!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 Months and Growing!

Brady is now 4 months and GROWING!!
At his 4 month check up:
16.11 oz (84%)
26.5 in (94%)
I always forget his head size...but we moved up! 40th Percentile! Woohoo!
It's all the million times a day I tell him how cute he is! :)
But let's be honest...how could I NOT tell him he is the cutest kiddo ever!!

Brady LOVES munching on his fingers...but actually now when we put toys in front of him,
they automatically go straight to his mouth! Time to sanitize EVERYTHING!
He even tried to put the faucet hose in his mouth last night in the bath...quite funny really!
Speaking of the bath, I think he has figured out what the water is now. He splashes ALL
THE TIME! There is water EVERYWHERE except for IN his bath by the time we are done.
Again, very amusing to all of us.  He has a ball!

Brady is CONSTANTLY on the move.  He rarely sits still. He loves interaction,
and smiles and giggles ALL DAY LONG!
He really is such a happy baby boy.  He still fusses when he gets tired, I think he is afraid 
of missing anything! He is so much fun these days, and I cherish all the time I have to spend
with him. I love our mommy-baby moments when it's just US.
He still hates tummy time, not sure how we are gonna get him to roll over or even crawl,
when all he wants to do is stand! He gets so frustrated when he is on his belly.  He kicks and
waves his arms (almost like he is swimming) but goes no where! I guess I would be frustrated too!
He also does this funny squealing noise lately, that cracks us up!
And speaking of swimming, I swear he swims when he drinks from his bottle.

Just imagine this:
Sip, Sip, Sip-Breath (takes himself off the bottle takes a breath of air, then right back to the bottle)
Sip, Sip, Sip-Breath.  He does this almost every night, the entire time he eats.
But the kid eats 11 oz of formula (with 2 TBS of Rice Cereal) at least before bedtime
so I guess it works for him. Full Belly=Happy Momma

He LOVES his Daddy and was giving him big hugs the other night! and open mouth kisses! 
I just love these two!
Lovin' life with B$!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brady's First Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween!!!
I was so excited to get Brady in his costume for Halloween at Kenny & Marci's,
but poor Brady had an ear infection (that we are still fighting off), so he screamed
a good portion of the night in KP's room, which meant
we didn't put him in his costume for the party.  I feel so bad for the poor guy. He has had a
cough for a few weeks that kept him up at night (which means it kept me up at night)
now he has an ear infection to top it off! He was screaming just like he did in
the days of colic but this time I knew something else was hurting him. I hate
seeing my baby in pain especially when he can't talk to me and nothing I am doing seemed 
to help.  But now we have meds in his lil' system, and we are only waking up
once at night so we are on the mend!

So Sunday (actual Halloween, but just not in Provo)
Brady was feeling a little better, so we got him in his cute little costume,
and I put Michael's jersey on for effect!
I was the Heisman Trophy winner and he was my little football!

Could he be ANY cuter??

Love his dark chocolate brown eyes :)

Check out my shoulders...I have been hittin' the gym hard!


I wish we could have had a family pic...but the side by side ones will have to do for this year!

IDAHO football for Life!!

Don't mess with me!

Look how BIG this guy is getting!!!

Got a little fussy at the end of the photo shoot...nothing a lil' binkie can't cure!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cutest Cowboy EVER!

November is the month of "thanks" even though I will forever be THANKFUL for this little boy!!
I am so thankful he is HEALTHY.
I am so thankful for our 2 am snuggle sessions.
I am so thankful he is an amazing eater.
I am so thankful for his smiles & kisses.
I am so thankful he needs me.
I am so thankful he is OURS.
I love him to the moon and back...

Howdy Partner!

The new Sheriff in town...

"The Boss"

This one just makes me think of him saying "Ma'am"
and dipping his hat like a gentleman!

Friggin' LOVE this crying face!

NO more Mommy!!!

Just Chillin'

I am the Law ladies!

Checkin' out everything making sure we are in the clear!

So in love!

Lovin' him some Aunt Carly!