Monday, April 18, 2011

Scooter has the Giggles

Brady up until Saturday has belly flopped every time he tries to crawl or reaches too far for something.
I was telling grammies that i really think he just might be waiting for her to come up so she can
be apart of more of his "First's". And of course I was RIGHT! Sure enough first thing Saturday morning,
we go downstairs to play and my mom sits Brady down and then teases him with a toy,
and what does he start doing? SCOOTING! First time EVER. We are getting pretty good now after
scooting for 2 days straight! I predict he will be crawling by the end of the week with Grammies here
to witness it first hand! I actually am so glad she was here to see it!

Brady also thinks that Grammies is quite the character...listen to that laugh!

I am so happy to have my mom here for a whole week and a whole new batch of firsts!
First scoot, first crawl (hopefully) and B's first Easter!
We are so blessed! We had such an amazing weekend! It already is flying by way too fast!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Christmas in the Mail

The title has 2 meanings!! A) we took these pictures over Christmas...2) It felt like Christmas all over again getting these visual goodies in the mail this week! I can't believe how big Brady has become already! I swear he is the cutest kid I know! He was all smiles this day and I am SO. IN. LOVE. with these pictures...minus the fact that I am for reals on the chubby and WHITE side. OK a lot on that  things will be happening at the Bakken house!! G.T.L baby!! But I am so grateful for friends like TIFF that squeeze you into her crazy busy schedule and captures all the love that we have for this little boy of ours! Tiff,
we love you, you are so amazing! Thank you a million times over!

Love my lil' family!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday at the Park

Marci and I were waiting and waiting for a day it was nice enough on a Sunday to take the boys to the park together. This day wasn't the warmest but we took the opportunity since it wasn't raining or snowing to get the lil' ones to the park to have some fun. It was KP's first time on the swings and Brady is pretty much a pro these days! Both boys LOVED the swings and the puffs they had to share.  We are still working on the sharing part! But it was so fun to get the Bff's together! Makes me so excited for summer!

Look at that glare from KP!!!
Lil Boys on the left-Big Boys on the right!!

KP wanted Brady's HSS sweatshirt...I don't blame him :)

KP isn't so sure about me....

Then we moved to the grass and snacked on some puffs!

We are still learning about sharing :) But at least we know KP can hold his own!

Sharing is caring boys :)

Thanks for "hangin" out KP!

Friday, April 1, 2011


These pictures are evidence that Brady is so very close to crawling. SO. VERY. CLOSE.
Daddy and I are ready to see him in action. 
Come on Big Guy! Just do it already!!

P.s. I just LOVE his Mickey PJ's.
He loves Mickey Mouse and grammies
sent us some in the mail!


Ok could we be anymore like twins? I swear my mom has a similar picture of me his age with the same exact smile! His smile just makes me happy just lookin' at him!

Someone needs to tell him that crawling is done on hands and KNEES. NOT hands & one knee & one foot!