Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keys on Main

Last week Michael and I got to go out on the town with our best friends! Jaime and I had tryouts for a WPSL team in Salt Lake for this summer. I thought we both did well, and showed the young girls in Utah you can be old and still know how to play the game! We both ended up on the same team at the end of the day, which was a blast! I forgot how much I missed competition, and playing soccer. It brings a smile to my face and just makes me happy :)
Anywho, all of us got to go out for dinner and some entertainment. We went to CPK for din din and then headed to Keys on Main to listen to the dueling piano bar. I had never been there before, and wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was SO much fun! There were some awesome songs being played and so much fun to sing along and watch people spend ridiculous amounts of money to play one song over another. We always have so much fun when we hang out with the Beck's and we are so lucky to have them so close!

My Partner in Crime!

The Beck's & Bakken's!! <3


Keys On Main

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rascal Faltts

A couple weeks ago, Michael took me to a Rascal Flatts concert. It was one of the things I have always wanted to do! I am so grateful for Michael, he is always looking for fun things for us to do and new memories for us to make! one of the very first places we hung out way back in the day just the 2 of us was a Keith urban concert. I really didn't want to go (i was such a brat) but I ended up really enjoying myself. Michael made me laugh so hard the whole time...I kept thinking to myself...who is this guy? hahaha! Almost 2 years later, we were right back at the Delta center, as an engaged couple! Who would have thunk it?? NOT me that's for sure! But I had SO much fun. They were amazing live, and definitely something I will never forget. We went inside to sit down a bit early and just hang out before the show started. Only to find out that our seats did not exist. We went all the way down to the bottom...there it ended at row 8 (our row was 7) so we thought...awesome we are even closer than we thought!....little did we know the floor seats started at row 4!! So where the heck were our seats? Well we had to go to customer service and get new ones. The seats we got we even better than the ones we paid for! Michael had all the leg room he could ask for, and we were sitting in the front of a row so we didn't have to stand up at all the whole time to see them perform! I loved singing all of their songs, and seeing them up close and personal!

On the way to Chipotle and Rascal Flatts! What a fabulous date night!

Me and my sexy mexi!

They had AWESOME stage graphics!

So close we can smell his cologne!

This was after all the confeitti came down from the HUGE machine right in front of us!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The First of Many

Well this is my first official blog post. I am always looking at my friend's blogs, so I finally decided to start one. I'm not even sure how often I will do it, or who will even read it, but I do get pretty bored at work and have lots of time during the day, so why not pass the time in a fun way right? I know the title of the page says "The Bakkens" and I know I'm not officially a Bakken YET, but I am so close and I can't wait! As of tomorrow, we have 3 months left and counting! There are still a few things to get done but for the most part I have accomplished a lot! We will be taking our second round of engagement pictures in the next month or so and I will have my second dress fitting too! I can't wait to see how it will look. Penny does AMAZING work, I just hope I will be in shape and pretty enough to wear one of her creations! I go home at the end of the month to finalize linens, and place settings. After that, there will just be little details left!

If you can't tell I am so excited to be married, but so excited to be marrying the RIGHT one and not to mention my best friend and better half. Michael came into my life (again...round 2 we will call it) so unexpectedly and has made my life. He is the most amazing friend and man, I couldn't have made one from scratch for myself better. He has all the qualities I always knew I wanted and so many more I didn't even think about! He surprises me everyday in some new way, and i love getting to know each side of Michael more and more as each day passes. He makes me smile and I am always laughing around him. He is incredibly witty and I can't help but laugh when he makes himself laugh and I hear that funny giggle and see those big freckly cheeks and squinty eyes when he laughs really hard! Michael is without a doubt my soul mate and the love of my life. I can't imagine a life without him next to me, holding my hand, giving me forehead kisses, and whispering "baby i love you" in my ear. I don't deserve him, but I am definitely excited about spending an eternity showing him my love and appreciation for him and the wonderful man that he is!

That's is for now (it's 5!!) and I get to go home!

The Future Mrs. Michael Joseph Bakken