Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Month in Review

It's been a while since I posted any pics of my growing belly and
each week the progress we have made. This lil' bean inside me
has made some serious progress and we (i) just continue to
grow, so he/she must not be ready to come out just yet.

33 weeks
Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen...just the way
Michael likes his women ;)

Up close and personal!

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

36 Weeks
9 Months Preggo and wearing the same
dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner the
exact day the year before! NBD

37 Weeks (eyes not quite awake yet)

Yes that is my belly for reals!
No it's not a basketball, and NO
I am not having twins despite people
asking me!
I feel so incredibly spoiled and lucky that pregnancy has been so easy. I have been super blessed and can only cross my fingers and pray that birth will go just as smooth as these last 38 weeks have. I keep waiting for my feet to swell up but they haven't (yet). I keep waiting to lose sleep, and a few nights here and there with bathroom breaks I have, but on a whole I still sleep like a champ. I am incredibly lucky baby bear in there sleeps with me at night. I don't know what I would do if it was constantly moving at night. I would be one cranky broad! I am now at the point where I get checked on a weekly basis to see if I am dilating at all. Not sure WHY we have to do this when basically I am making no progress and at this point the baby will come when he/she is ready to. But alas, I go every week, pee in their little cup, let them tell me my blood pressure looks great and check under the hood to tell me everything is clinched and sealed up tight! ;) While I am almost 39 weeks, I am still comfortable for the most part, although I look like quite the sight trying to get off the couch, bend over to pick something up and trying to get out of bed :) But I love my little butterball belly. I love watching bear move and squirm inside and actually seeing my belly move with it. I am not in any rush for bear to get here actually either. I would prefer bear to come on or after his/her due date. That way I know bear is fully cooked and ready for the crazy world! I am however dying to know what bear is and to see what bear looks like :) I wanna know how big and tall bear will be. Will bear have hair? How long will labor last? Will I have to be induced? Lots of ifs and questions over here but I guess I will just have to practice patience and continue to see how things unfold. Counting the days til' I can see my lil' one and see what exactly Michael and I made together!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just the 3 of Us!

A few weeks ago my very talented friend Tiffany was up in Utah,
and I decided to take advantage, and yes take MORE maternity
pictures, but this time with my baby daddy too. I didn't
get into this situation by myself, so it's best to document
my PIC (partner in crime) as well :)
I had a really hard time narrowing down which ones to
actually put on the blog because I literally loved them all.
I am so glad we took them together and I can't wait to meet
the little one inside my big ol' belly!

This one is by far my favorite! Belly kisses are the best!

Momma and Papa Bear-to-be

We heart you in there!

My butt seems to be growing right on course
with my huge belly!

Ya that's right put this thing in there!

Oh Husband I dus lub you :)

The usual dirty/sweet nothings in my ear photo!

We will be receiving our bundle of joy anytime this month!

Our little bear has the cutest profile!

Michael aka...Blue Steel