Monday, October 3, 2011

Independence day 2011

We had so much fun this year in CA for the 4th of July. Growing up I have the best memories of the 4th of July. We would always ride our bikes down to main street in HB and watch the parade. Every year this parade has become bigger and bigger. My favorite part was always getting my face painted by the Indians (boy scouts and leaders dressed up in Indian gear). This year I passed that tradition on to the wee one! After the parade, the street I grew up on (and gma still lives on) has a major block party. Bounce houses, music, basketball, volleyball and FOOD until you can't stuff watermelon in your mouth anymore! After that we watch and light fireworks. I have to say we now how to have a good time. I look forward to that holiday every year! I hope we can continue to come back to HB every year for it. It's perfect timing with B's bday!

B in his new bike seat and helmet!

Apparently the bike ride was soothing and he took a little cat nap! Then it was time for some sunscreen!

Check out all the fun things in the parade! It's wild! B LOVED the drums!!

Face painting!!!

The newest hoodlum on Greenboro lane!!

YAY fireworks!! He was mesmerized!!

Happy 4th!!