Monday, May 24, 2010


Just a little pick me up Monday!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Shower

I was lucky enough to have not one, but 2 baby showers for our little bear!
I had one in CA that my fabulous Auntie threw for me, and now
I have had one in UT that my wonderful friend Krissa (aka Midge)
threw for me! She was NOT happy about throwing me a gender
neutral themed party, and kept asking me if I found out what we were having yet,
but I think she did a fabulous job despite not knowing if bear is a boy or girl!
We played the best games and it was DEF entertaining to watch my friends
smell baby food and try to guess what they were. The facial expressions
were amazing! I should have been taking pictures to remember them all.
I guess you will just have to use your imagination!
We also played memory with candy bars and delivery/pregnancy terms.
For example....If you matched up "doctor's finger" you won a Butterfinger :)
Midge is so clever...we contemplated rewarding shockers for that one, but
decided to keep our sick minds at bay! ANYWHO, my mom cheated
THE entire time. No wonder why I would cheat at games when I was little
just so that I could win! Look at the example I had!
Every time a word was uncovered she would write it down and what # it that when it was her turn she could remember where each one was
and win the prize! Luckily I have very smart friends and my mom only won
once! Everyone did pretty well and I think everyone ended up winning a candy bar!
I honestly had so much fun, and loved everyone for coming!
(a week before the shower I had a dream no one showed up)
I love all my friends and I am so grateful for their support!

The beautiful Marci with her growing belly like mine!

My HOOTER HIDER my aunt made and surprised me with
for my huge bombs! ;)

My gorgeous friends Natalie and Kristy (and Owen)

Little booties! So crazy to think of how small of a human
being we are about to meet. (side note: I washed all
the onesies cuz that's the only clothing this kid has right now,
and it baffles my mind at how small those things are!)

Aunt Heather who makes me look
like a freakin blimp!

Pretend sister in-laws! Michael is an only child so I don't have
many in-laws. However he grew up with the greatest guy friends
that are practically family. So I will call these girls family too :)
Love all of you cuties!
P.s. Melissa on the far left has 7 (yes 7) kiddos.
You should have seen my mom's face when she was telling
everyone that. I thought my mom's eyes were gonna pop
right out of her head! Melissa=Super mom!

Marci really is pregnant but bear is taking over her belly in this pic!

With our height difference, our belly buttons don't exactly match up!
But it's still fun to see :)

Good H I look like a freakin balloon is in my belly
ready to pop at any moment! Oh but wait i still have 6
more weeks to grow! Is that even humanly possible?
Maybe the child will come out tall because that's
one big belly for a small little baby!

the lovely and ever so awesome Midge!
Love this girl!
Best friend a girl could have that's for darn sure!

Grandma Kip!

The Devine sisters! Love them to pieces!
Kim: Next time get the memo about the cardi ;)

Gma must have stared at my HUGE belly a million times
over the weekend. I caught her a few times and each time she said
"it's just so big" (literally that's what she said haha I'm funny!)
Thank you again to everyone that came that day! It was such a great day and a great weekend with my mom in town for Mother's day! I am so lucky to have a mom and an example like her in my life. I can't wait for her to come back and to meet our munchkin and watch her spoil her first grandkid! I know she is so excited for bear to come and so are we! Bear will be one lucky kiddo to have a grandma like her! My grandma (mom's mom) was so good to me and I know that my mom will be bear's favorite in no time! Get ready for sleep overs gma kip!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My good friend Marci (and her hubby who happens to be one
of Michael's Besties....hahaha that just sounds funny when talking
about guys but oh well it's true) also happens to be pregnant too!
We are about 6 weeks apart! They are having a little boy
and will be naming him Kenneth Lee Platt IV! So dang cute!
I can't wait to see what he looks like! He is already measuring
to be a big boy, and if we end up having a girl, I think an arranged
marriage is already in the works! :)

They were wonderful enough to let me practice some of my photog
skills (or really lack there of) and do a maternity sesh for them.
She is so dang beautiful and he had me laughing the entire time!
Now all I need is a new computer and photoshop to get the
real good stuff for them! But for now this will have to suffice!
I had so much fun taking these for them and it reaffirmed
my love for photography! One day I will get there, until then I will
remain an amateur. Thanks again guys for being such troopers!
We love you and can't wait to meet KP!

Marci is just gorgeous!

Lovely lady lumps!

Sid wanted in on the family action too!

While we were taking these, there was about 8-10 deer
in the background. Sid went nuts and we all thought
they were going to charge! Quite the ordeal!

Exactly why we all love Kenny.

Let the show begin.....1.....




5th time does the trick! I only hope KP has his dad's
sense of humor! They will keep us all entertained
for years to come!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do's and Don'ts of Childcare

Just in case you were wondering how to care for a newborn...
This lil' diagram lays it out for you perfectly!
To see the images larger, click on the picture!