Monday, January 31, 2011

BrookeB Photography

Seth Mchottie Pants....
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Videos Galore

Videos galore...
These are some videos of what we have been up to lately...
Don't mind my obnoxious commentary or the constant, "Say Hi to grandma" comments...
We send grammie videos all the time!

Brady went on the swings for the first time in CA. I think it's safe to say he LOVED them!

We want to go somewhere!! Anywhere is better than just sitting here!

We bought a new tub since Brady got a little too big for his Whale tub in the sink and started to splash so much that it was getting water EVERYWHERE! Now he can splash to his lil' heart's content!

Brady and I play a little game of Hide and seek or as I call it: "Where's Brady?" He loves it. He normally laughs but last night he had an audience so he screamed with delight! Can't get enough of this little guy...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas in Oxnard (part 1)

 Christmas in Oxnard was so much fun this year with Brady. He was the hit everywhere he went. We went to Aunt Lisa's work and he was paraded around the office. Grandma G couldn't get enough of him and spoiled him rotten! We took morning walks on the beach and at the pier with Grandpa Gary and went on the swings for the first time too! Brady LOVED both! He couldn't stop watching the waves crash on the beach and
would laugh harder and harder the higher he went on the swings! Our little daredevil!
He is for sure all boy and I know once he starts crawling/walking I am going to have my hands full!

3 Handsome Bakken men....

Mommy and Brady on the Pier by Grandpa's house....

Such a cutie pie!

I love my little family....

Grandpa Gary and his big boy Brady...

Daddy and B at the park...

Brady LOVES the swings!!!

All smiles :)

Higher daddy HIGHER!!!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Christmas morning at our house has always been the same since I can remember. Wake up, call Aunt Sharon and tell her to come on down. We stay in our bedroom til' we get the OK to come out and see what Santa brought us. Our "big" present was always unwrapped for us to see right away. One year I got a bike. Kait got a HUGE play house. One year there was a surf board....Santa was pretty much awesome!
We then open all of our presents, and stockings always come last! 
Then we would make breakfast after all the hoopla was over. That torch has now been passed
down to me, since apparently I am the only one that can cook! (although Kait is learning..
maybe next year I will pass the torch to her!)
Christmas had new meaning this year with Brady joining our family. 
We knew he would be too young to understand what presents are, but he sure
had fun munching and crunching the wrapping paper and listening to the sounds it makes!
I felt so blessed to be with the ones I love over Christmas break.
I have an incredible family.

Brady is goin' to town on the wrapping paper!

First Christmas as a Family!
...Love the "scarf" Michael decided to wear...

Brady was the best present I got all year!

It's not fair for Aunt Kait to look that beautiful in the morning!

Santa's Surprise!

Cool trucks!!

The Sugster!!!

KISSES for Brady!!

I mean is he NOT the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Such a happy boy!

Baby Boy's First Christmas

Grammies is a big TEASE!

Love these ladies!!

As you can see there was no lack of attention or kisses over Christmas

We love Auntie Kait <3

Monday, January 10, 2011


Brady met Santa for the first time this year. NBD. He just sat there like, "Big whoop Mom"!
I guess I expected him to cry because that's all you see are babies crying. 
And that's all Kaitlin ever did every year! Bahahaha...just thinking about that makes me laugh!!
Brady was a good boy but not quite a big gummy grin...maybe next year!
He however, LOVED his Santa PJ's (oh and don't worry that they were size 12M)
So I think Santa was a hit in our house this year.

Lovin' his PJ's and Jumper

This was the face we got when we told him we were going to meet SANTA!

So we put our "Santa like me best" T-shirt and our favorite sneakers and made the trip....
Side note...notice how he smiles and sticks his tongue out a lot...that's his new thing!

Just a lil' FYI....I swear this is the ONLY Santa in Utah that ACTUALLY
wear a Santa suit and hat!! Every other Santa is in his "workshop" suit...
Lucky for us this fabulous Santa was at the mall right by our house.. Thank you PTC!!

We LOVE Carrots

I LOVE food.  So it comes to no shock to me that my little one LOVES food too! This was our first experience with big boy food and it was a HUGE success. He couldn't get enough of it, and each night after I couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough without him whining! We have tried a few different veggies and fruit, but so far the faves are carrots, squash and sweet potatoes....although I LOVED the hilarious faces he made while eating peas and bananas. So I guess you could say we LOVE the color Orange and we will have fabulous eye sight! :) I am loving watching him grow up and trying new things!

Brady is salivating already......

About to taste deliciousness...

He loved "helping" by holding the spoon for me....


Lovin' this stuff!

What??? It's all gone??

It was ALL we just let him play with the spoon...HEAVEN