Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tracey, if I Could Strangle You, I Would!!!

Biggest Loser

If any of you have yet to start watching the biggest loser this season, you might want to start! This show is hands down my most favorite reality show of all time! It inspires me every week to be better and reminds me of just how great my life is. I am healthy, I can sit in an airplane without having to have a seatbelt extender or buy 2 seats, I can see my toes, and I can run without the fear of falling into a coma state because I am too out of shape! I have never taken my health for granted, but it is a subtle reminder of how great it is that I have my health and I have an opportunity everyday to work out!

Well, this week's episode was a DOOZY! Never have I had so much pure hatred for a person i did not know. Tracey, you are fit for a straight jacket. You are deceitful and disgusting. You clearly are not on the show for the right reasons. If you want to win money, go play Wipe Out, I'm sure thousands of people would rather see you getting beat up on the big balls then actually causing hurt to innocent people. Tracey clearly is there to play a game, not to help people lose weight and fight for their life. I have a clip from last nights episode, but you don't even get the full effect of her psychotic ways! But I am for sure with Jillian and her opinion of this broad! As soon as she falls below the yeloow line, consider her a GONER! P.S. Never have I yelled so many naughty words at the TV before...but that B deserved it! She wouldn't want to run into me in a dark alley, I'll tell ya that much!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Funniest Cats

This actually makes me not only laugh, but feel like I have a funny cat too and I have seen Lucy do a lot of these things...just never got them captured on film! Love that lil' rascal!

O Happy Day!!

I am SO excited right now! I was going to CA this weekend for my big bro's wedding, and was going to have to leave my own family behind. I was so sad that Michael couldn't come because of football. BUT now his team actually has a bye this week and papa Sid came through and bought him a plane ticket to come down! So now I get a weekend in CA with this sexy stud muffin! YAY!
Love life right now :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Perfect Accessory for Football Season

I think i DEFINITELY need to get Lucy this football helmet for the season! Make her more festive and feel like she is part of the football loving family she belongs to! :) Just a thought!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Men on football!

I used to love "In living Color!" bringin back an old school classic!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Lazy weekend

Have you ever been watching a game, and been so into the game that you sometimes wonder what the refs were thinking when they made a certain call??

Luckily, on Saturday this was not the case. I didn't intend to watch football all day, but that is precisely what I did(and couldn't be happier with that decision!) Notre Dame vs. Michigan was an awesome back and forth game! USC seems to have a lot in common with Cindy here, but hey....the lil' freshy grew up a lot that game and they got a big W!

But the FAVE game of the entire weekend has to go the the UH Coogs! they played an amazing game, full of surprises and ups and downs! But they pulled off an amazing upset and I loved watching every minute of that game! I couldn't change the channel for fear I would miss something! I guess that's the sign of a great game! it was a barn burner and a game that made me proud that my lil' sis goes to that school and was so happy for their athletic program!

On a side note....came across this beauty of a picture below....I am ALL for school spirit, wearing school colors, screaming obscenities at the refs when they are morons, and having pride in your football team, and I love seeing all the crazy fans come out during football season but WOW! I can't tell if this should be a new high or a new low for the football fan craze! I will let you decide~

So after my VERY lazy Saturday, I actually cleaned the apartment (with Michael's help!) but the thing I have been wanting to do for a few weeks now is go to the Hogle Zoo in SLC! I know that generally is a place you take little kids, BUT they have had so many baby animals in the past few months and I couldn't wait to see them!! Michael was so sweet to take me, and let me see all the lil guys. They were absolutely precious! The baby elephant followed her momma EVERYWHERE! We got to see her feed on momma too and what really tripped me out was the fact that elephants have boobs just like women!! What the? 2 boobs...and did this mom have a HUGE rack! She makes Dolly Parton look flat! But her baby was so sweet and lovely! oh and another side note...elephants are pregnant for up to 24 months and her baby came out at 3 feet tall and 251 lbs at birth!! holy Hannah that's CRAZY!!!!

On to the baby giraffe! He was adorable as well, naturally he was SO tall! These animals amaze me how tall they are and how LONG their necks are! We were in the 2 story observing area, and could reach out and tough the tops of their heads! I love all their spots and learned that each animal has a different pattern of spots (though they may appear the same) and that is like a human's finger prints. No 2 are the same! We got to see the lil guy run outside, and also get a sweet smooch from his momma!

Finally, the tigers! aka Lucy's long lost fam! she is my lil' tiger and I love all her stripes! We didn't get to see them playing or running around, just like Lucy...they were sleeping! Each cuddling next to momma! Even though they were sleeping it was so cute to see the sea of stripes! there was even one laying against the mom, but on his back, face up and paws just dangling like a lazy kitty!

I loved all of these animals and had so much fun at the zoo, even at age 25 with no kids! I can't wait (although i will have to for now) to have lil ones and take them to the zoo and see their faces and hopefully their love for animals, just like their momma!

Friday, September 11, 2009

All About Lucy

Well, the beginning of this post real quick is about Coach Bakken!
I just wanted everyone to see my handsome hubby and let everyone know
he is by far the sexiest coach on that field! :) This pic was after their game in ID, where they beat last years state champs! The O line played well, and I am trying
my best to learn when they do well and how to watch for their success,
especially since it is a position that gets very little recognition whatsoever!

Now the real reason for my post! LUCY LUCY LUCY! All I can say is that we have a Love/Hate relationship. This kitty keeps me on my toes and is in every way preparing me for children. I have been told that children when they start to crawl, are vanishing acts and like human vacuums. Well my girl Lucy is just that and more! Anytime a drawer , door, cabinet or anything is open, she takes it upon herself to investigate. She is the most curious cat, and I have on many occasions shut her in the closet, lazy Susan, under the sink in the bathroom and in our dresser drawers! I then realize it's way too quiet and I haven't seen the kitty in a while, which then leads me to back track and think about what was the last thing I left open...sure as day...that's where she is, the stinker! Case in point the picture directly below...I had been making some cards and got all my goodies from the closet on the top shelf. Shut the door and went about making these cards. About 20 min had gone by and the rascal was no where to be found. So I went back to the closet, opened it and BAM there she was on the top shelf. How she got all the way up there in the dark I will never know!

But Lucy can also be a sweety! She LOVES to cuddle and sleep on anything that is on the floor. She will sleep on a backpack, plastic bag(those are her FAVE..she loves the nose it makes) your laundry basket, and empty box, pretty much if it's on the floor she owns it. Here she is showing her growing belly (thanks to me keeping her VERY well complaints from her I'm sure).

Seeing as how we rescued Lucy from "the streets" as Michael would say, she loves human food because we think that is what she survived off of in our apartment complex. So anytime we eat, she is present! We had waffles with whipped cream and fresh strawberries a few nights ago, and Michael "gave her a taste" of our meal. She then would scratch her face with her paws, lick them, and repeat. She did this for about a half hour til she got it all off her face and could no longer taste the sweet cream!

Finally, Lucy is my alarm clock, and she knows a SURE WAY to get me to fly out of bed, even if it is 5:30 and I don't want to be up yet! Let me back track just a bit. Every Friday night, is my very own version of Friday Night Lights. I get to watch Timpview football! I love watching football, I always have, but I also get to watch Michael do something he loves...such a HUGE bonus! So being the fabulous, amazingly thoughtful wife that i am (dripping with sarcasm...kinda) I write Michael a good luck card every Thursday night and bring him balloons in the school colors for good luck! I love doing small things like that for him, to let him know I love him, support him and want them to kick butt! Well, now that you know WHY I have balloons, maybe my kitten alarm clock is self explanatory. She LOVES the strings that hang off the balloons. She gets herself to the highest/closest point to the balloon strings that she can find...then LEAPS and grabs for the strings. Mostly missing, until 5;30 am rolled around and she won the fight! I at the time was sound asleep having NO idea what was going on in my living room. But then with a LOUD 2 pops, I was instantly out of bed, awake and on the hunt for a dead cat! I turned on the living rooms lights only to find the cutest face staring at me knowing she had been caught! She didn't know whether to run and hide, or stay and play. I decided instead of letting her know I did not approve of such behavior...i mean what are the chances of her actually getting it right?....i decided to document the terror that is Lucy. She had the balloons in her sights, paws the balloon to hold it down, then bites it and POP goes the balloon. You would think the loud pop might scare a little kitty, but as I am reminded daily, "our cat is HOOD"!

One balloon down, many more to go!

Loves the strings!

The face of a VERY happy/mischievous lil' kitty!

Despite all the things she gets into, all the cat hair we have on our clothes, and all the times she makes me want to pull my hair out (like when she bites our feet at night at the edge of the bed...that's Michael's FAVE) we love this lil' girl and she keeps us on our toes without a doubt. There is never a dull moment with her around! We Love you Lucy goosey!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fatty Patty

Today is Day 1 of my journey back to the gym! I got up on the bright and got my booty to the gym by 6 am! For those of you who know me what a feat this really is, i LOVE me some sleep! In the months prior to getting married, I was a gym rat and a work horse. I had to fit into my dress and look good for the honeymoon! I would be at the gym in the am, at lunch and sometimes toward the end even after work. I was dedicated to looking my absolute finest. While I feel like I looked my best, I without a doubt burnt myself out. After a 2 week break due to the wedding and honeymoon, I was anything but motivated to return to the has gotten to the point now where i feel like this lady below......

I have a few friends that are now pregnant, which I couldn't be happier for them. But i without a doubt feel like I would have to wear this lovely shirt while standing next to them to help the general public decipher between us. ......

Now don't get me wrong, I in NO WAY want to look like these gems! I love fitness, I love feeling healthy and looking my best, BUT i DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT, want to be greasy, manish, and a dirty orange/brown color to look hot. That is my idea of me crazy I know! ;)

My ideal image would be that of the LOVELY Jessica Biel. She is beautiful, toned and fit. Perfect muscles for a girl. She can kick some serious butt, but doesn't look like she might be packin heat! :) I have decided to get back on the band wagon of fitness. I love looking fit and feeling that way too! It really is just so hard to do all by yourself! I wish I had a gym friend that would help me stay accountable and drag my butt out of bed on the days I just can't seem to get going! It would be ideal, but not realistic. I have come to grips with the fact that I alone am in charge of my health, fitness and well being. Muscles won't tone themselves and all my lovely dimples and trouble areas won't go away no matter how many times I swear at them in the mirror! So this is me, brooke bakken, stating that I will take care of myself, and help myself to feel beautiful and strong like I know I am capable of being!

Look at her BUTT! Power booty here I come!!