Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This last Saturday we got to spend the day with our best friends Jaime & Jason. We watched Jason coach the QB's and got to bask in the sun at the same time. The weather was warming up, and it was a perfect day for a football game :) Michael bought us 2 sweet chairs and we parked our rears on the grass and had a lovely Saturday! After we all went to the Pie for some pizza. While I was STARVING, and ate the pizza in record time, I felt horribly sick afterwards! Way too much cheese for me!

Mormons LOVE Weddings ;)

This last Saturday, along with football was a wedding reception. My friend Traci, who I met in the dorms a million years ago, got married last month in Denver, and was having her 2nd reception in Layton. There was quite a large and diverse group there to see the Bride & Groom. Michael decided to capture on film just how STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL I can be, while we waited to congratulate the newlyweds! See below for me in all my glory! :)

Here is me & the Bride-Traci Anne Rothey.

My 2 VERY cute friends Heather(on the left) & Brooke

The Bakken Family!
Heather made sure to capture our family car (a mom mini toaster) and our future house in the background- doesn't our future look so bright? haha! At least I know I have one VERY sexy Mexi as my future hubs!

Monday, April 20, 2009


It's Britney Beetch!

For my Valentine's present Michael bought me tickets to go see Britney Spears! I was so freakin excited(I know she is crazy and has had some serious meltdowns in the past BUT, i still love her!) I was surprised though when I saw 2 tickets and he was gonna be the one to go with me! I thought for sure he would say that's something only gay guys do (and trust me after seeing all the gay guys there---I would have completely understood his desire to stay home) BUT we went together and couldn't have been more impressed! The show was amazing! She seriously puts on the most amazing concert I have ever seen! I was impressed with her dancing, costumes and effects of the show! Who ever she hired deserves a bonus! If a sexy and VERY heterosexual man like Michael can enjoy her show and be impressed by her, i think she is doing something oh so right! We had so much fun that night, and enjoyed the people watching just as much as the concert! I never knew SLC had some of the people we saw there that night! WOW, on a few occasions I was speechless!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter Egg Hunt!
This Easter weekend was so much fun! I got to play in the BYU Alumni soccer game on Saturday, and was so excited to see some girls and friends that i haven't seen in a really long time! It was fun to play with all of them again, and laugh at how out of shape we are! I also got to see my dad and his girlfriend Kathy, which was a fun treat! They came to watch the game and so did my brother JR, then after we all went out to eat at cafe Rio (one of my faves!) It was nice to see and hang out with my family even though they were only in town for a short time.

Easter Sunday was a fun day as well! Michael and I were invited to have dinner at my friend Krissa's house. I also got to see her little girl Rylie have her Easter egg hunt! i was so funny to watch her find each egg with this serious look on her face. She made sure each time she picked up an egg that she looked inside to see what the Easter Bunny brought her, before moving on to the next egg :) Michael and i are not in the market to have a kid just yet (even though my mom wants us to start RIGHT away!) But I can't wait for all the fun activities we will have with our kids, and I can't wait to see their own little personalities come out!

While Matt (Krissa's hubby) and Michael went to hit a bucket of balls at the range, I got to blow bubbles outside with lil Rylie! She was sooo excited and waved her little wand so fast to watch them float away in the sky. She was so much fun to watch and it was fun to talk and catch up with Krissa and even get some "married life" advice :)

Michael and I had so much fun at the Reinbold's, and want to say thank you for the delicious food and awesome company! We are so lucky to have great friends and genuine people in our lives :) We love all of you that bless and enrich our lives, and hope that we do the same for you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Trip to CA & Bridal Shower!

Well, I haven't posted anything in a while, but I have so much to post now! I have since been home to CA, where my mom and I tackled so much of the wedding stuff we had left to do! We picked out place settings, and linens and chairs, and cool lighting. I totally re-vamped my flowers, the colors and everything, and couldn't be happier with that decision! The flowers I will have have so much more personality and I think reflect me, in such a brighter way! We got to spend the whole weekend just mother and daughter, and I must admit, I cried when she dropped me off at the airport. I seriously have been so blessed to have a mother like the Kipster! She seriously always puts me and my needs first before her own, and always goes out of her way for both me and my sister. We had so much fun hanging out and playing with Suggie (our cute/mischievous yellow lab) and watching the new Women's pro league game at the Home Depot Center in Carson! All in all it was an awesome weekend, and I had so much to look forward to coming back to UT.

We took more engagement pics the weekend I got back from CA, I had a dress fitting, and my bridal shower with my Utah girlfriends! I had an amazing time, and couldn't ask for better friends. They all inspire me in different ways, and always keep my life interesting and filled with memories. i loved seeing each and every one of them and I hope they know how appreciative and grateful I am for their friendships and that they are so supportive of me and the exciting things I have going on in my life right now! I am marrying one amazing man (most amazing man I have ever met to be specific) and I am so grateful he loves me everyday in return. I don't really have any recent pictures of us, but at my shower I got to take a trip down memory lane, and hear just what Michael was thinking when we first met, while we dated, and when he decided that i got to be his ball & chain! ;)
I hope everyone found his answers as sweet and entertaining as I did. i could hear Michael explaining his answers to each question in my mind and was entertained from beginning to end. He never ceases to amaze me, and always keeps me on my toes for sure! Here are some of the questions/answers we all got to hear at my shower!

When did you first meet Brooke?

I first met Brooke on an awkward date that I asked Jaime Beck to set us up on because I thought Brooke was really hot. I even had Jaime log on to Facebook so I could check her out more. The picture of her hiking the “Y” in her sports bra was sexy as hell and I thought “I want to get on this chick”. We went to P.F. Changs which was whatever then miniature golfing I was really quite and shy because that’s just the way I am plus I think dating is lame so it wasn’t very much fun. But that all started when I first saw her while I was at lunch with my best friend Jason and his wife Jaime at Subway on bulldog and she walked in and I was instantly attracted to her.

This is the famous "hiking" picture! I am
SO hot right now!

What were your first impressions/thoughts of Brooke?

At Subway on a random day in early August 2007 I wasn’t really expecting much but then Thulin walked in and I thought wow this chick is extremely attractive. Also I loved the way she was dressed and I saw her get into her Jetta so I thought “oh hell she is your typical Provo chick” but boy was I wrong. And I have never seen anybody take six inches like that! Boy did she down that sandwich fast.

What is your favorite characteristic about Brooke?

Her sense of humor she is really funny and doesn’t get offended by me or my friend’s jokes.
Also she has a big heart and she loves with all of it and is not scared to do so which is really rare now a days.

How did you propose?

She took me to dinner for our 3 month anniversary October 9th at The Roof I think it’s called, it’s in the Joseph Smith building over looking Temple Square. I have had bought a ring a few weeks before and when I got it I hid it in my room from her with no intentions of proposing anytime soon. But at that dinner looking at her I semi teared up when I realized how much she loved me and how much I loved her. I would have purposed that minute if I had the ring on me but it wasn’t planned it kind of just happened when we got to my house and consumed with emotion I got down on one knee and asked her. It doesn’t sound like the most romantic way to purpose but the emotion involved was indescribable and it there was a lot more substance then flash involved.

This is the night that I will never forget! The night
Michael asked me to be his wifey!

Why do you want to marry Brooke?

I want to marry Brooke because she is my best friend. She is the only person I have ever really loved everything before her was a waste of time or preparation to be with her. Her personality is amazing and it brings a smile to my face everyday. She has the best sense of humor I have ever been around and she makes me laugh all the time. She is my partner in crime, and she is my ride or die chick, absolutely every experience, memory, and emotion, has been better since she has come into my life. Physically I have never been more attracted to another woman as much as I am with her. And I want to be a better person in every aspect of my life because of her she makes me want to be a better man.


My Utah Shower with my AMAZING friends!

These 3 ladies are my NEW and awesome family! Michael has
a really small family and is an only child (sort of). These beautiful girls
are the wifeys of his best friends. Michelle (my bell) is on the far left, she
is married to Jordan Beck. Then Jaime AKA my BEEF, is married to Jason Beck,
and finally Marci is married to Kenny Platt (but also Jordan & Jason's sister).
I think of all of them as my new sisters, and look forward all of the fun
things we will probably do together as "family"! Love you!

My new NAUGHTY outfit! Thanks Jaime! (Michael will thank you too!)

Besides the face, everything else is CUTE!

Awesome chicks that helped out with the shower, food, drinks
and TONS of stories and laughter!

Old roomies reunited! and it feels so good!

BYU Soccer friends! best thing to come out of BYU soccer...my friends for life!

Mama Midge!! Always a faithful friend, no matter how big
or small my waistline has been! :)

My cousin Kristin...haha JK! Although people often mistake
me for her and her for me, I am totally ok with that! It just
means sometimes I am skinny
and tan (haha but only when they mistake me for her)!

Kristie! I can't say enough good things about her!
She is an amazing friend, an amazing example, and quite the hip
MOM! I hope one day when I have little hellians(and you know they will be)
that I can be so much like her. She let me use her house for my shower
and I can't wait for her to be in Cali to celebrate with me come JUNE!

The beautiful Devine ladies! I have known these amazing
girls since I was about 11. There are so many good memories,
and I am so lucky to have them as a 2nd family basically.
Their parents kept me sane and somewhat grounded, while my own
were splitting up. Their house was my secret get away when I didn't want to
go home, or I needed to be around my "pseudo" sisters! I love them to death!

HEATHER! I LOVE YOU! Enough said!