Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Bigger by the Minute

I swear this kid is growing like a weed. But I love the nights are staying lighter longer and it is getting warmer. With warmer weather we get to go to the park by our house after work and have some fun together! I could just eat him up! Love this little munchkin!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bedtime and Crawling

So every night we have started a routine of feeding Brady his big boy food, then it's off to the bath (he gets QUITE dirty) and then we say our family prayers and I then feed B a bottle (although most nights he refuses) and then it's bedtime for bonzos. P.s. no idea where or when I started saying that or even why, but I do.  All last week Brady was quite the handful to say the least! Tooth #6 has been a doozy and I even went to get him early from daycare one day because he was such a handful. But Friday night after the bath and after some meds, both Ibuprofen and orajel...we got him to laugh and play with us. Normally I don't like when Michael gets him all excited before bedtime, but I couldn't help myself. The poor kid was miserable all week so some giggles were in order. Daddy did the trick. Michael smiles at Brady the kid laughs. So tickles get lots of laughs. Notice how he TRIES to drink the bottle but it's just not working!

Then yesterday was a pretty lazy, relaxing day and I did a little research on how to get my kiddo to crawl. I know he wants to but we just aren't quite there yet! I have tried coaxing him with food and toys but yesterday I tried the kitty. He LOVES Lucy and laughs and screams every time she comes around. I find it adorable.
So like I said, I tried getting him to crawl to the kitty of I held her such luck. But it sure
was funny watching him laugh and giggle and kick his legs as if he were swimming! Maybe we have a Michael Phelps in the making and he will learn how to swim before he walks! :) 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


We are all giggles over here! :)
I could listen to this kid laugh all day long!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Blog and a Giveaway!

Because there are a few Brooke B's out there
( I found out after googling...holler for the  internet)
I have decided to change to a NEW name that is all my own!

Please follow me at:

Same photographer...Just a NEW name!

To start off the new blog right,
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P.S. Is this kid NOT the cutest thing you have ever seen??

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ali Babba Brady

The other night we were gettin B boy into just his diaper to eat some dinner before bath time (yes we get our child naked to eat...he gets WAY too messy to ruin his clothes with carrot stains!)

This was the outcome.... He thought this was HILARIOUS!!

We called this his "turban" hence the nick name Ali babba Brady!
Don't those cheeks just make you melt??
He is just delicious!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brady at 8 Months!

Can't believe this little ball of energy is 8 months already! He needs to SLOW DOWN and stop getting so big so fast. Mommy no likey! Can't he just stay my baby for forever?
Sure do love this guy!

More fun pictures here....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brady LOVES his Toys.....

As soon as Brady could sit up by himself, he has loved to sit on the red rug and play with his toys. He has a favorite plastic book that talks to him that his Grauntie (great aunt) gave him for Christmas. We of course have Sophie, who has taken a beating since these teeth have come along. Poor girl gets chewed on big time! And there are some other favorites mingled in there as well! He can definitely entertain himself by playing with his toys which is adorable! Now he can reach super far and is even lunging after the really far ones.
I fear the days of crawling are just around the corner!! Then I will really have to sweep and vacuum daily! UGH!

I just love this kiddo. He is so much fun!