Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful for a Phenominal Phone

I am so thankful for cell phones! What did
I do before them? I am able to text, send pictures,
go to the web and so many other things to keep
in touch with the loved ones that don't live near me!
I love being able to text someone and just
let them know you are thinking of them!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful Post #17

I may not have a baby, but I do THOROUGHLY enjoy
using baby wipes! They will rock your bathroom
world! It makes you feel so fresh and clean!
I know I probably sound nuts, but I have converted
a few friends and I can never go back to just straight T.P.
P.S. So grateful I live in a time where this is available
to me....what did they do way back in the day!?
I don't really even wanna know!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful for a few things!

So, I fell off the blogging bandwagon this weekend.
I just didn't feel good, so this post will include
what i should have done Fri, Sat and Sunday!

I am grateful for my awesome element!
It's not your typical hip chick car, it doesn't turn
heads but it fits me just right! It's sporty
and fun and ROOMY, big enough that
my tall hubby doesn't have to lean the seat back
all the way like he used to in my Jetta,
to keep from hitting his head on the ceiling!
I am thankful for my straight teeth, without braces!
I am thankful for my reasonably cute fashion sense.
I am not high fashion, or high maintenance,
but I do appreciate a fine piece of clothing!

If I ever dress like this to look like I am on
the "cutting edge of fashion",
feel free to slap me! I don't understand people
with so much money, it's almost
like the more money they have,
the worse they dress!

Finally, I am grateful for this little devil! She makes life
at home fun, and always interesting! Right now she is in
a chewing phase. yes, a cat in a CHEWING PHASE!
I thought only puppies did that! But apparently so do kitties!
She has managed to get into my closet and chew my very
favorite pair of boots! Right on both of the toes,
I have little scratches and teeth marks,
so that now i can't wear them! Thanks lady!
She has chewed our phones, random,
but true! And finally, she has a new habit
of being IN her box but yet pooping OUTSIDE of her box!
REALLY CAT???? Always knows how to make our day!
But it is so sweet when she crawls up on the bed at
night to sleep. She sleeps right next to me and always
cuddles and loves to get warm and lay on my arms.
I do admit it melts my heart!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful for my Camera

I am so grateful for my camera! It goes every where with me.
I am the crazy person always asking random people
to take my picture! But I am extremely grateful
that I have had a camera over the past few years to
catch these hidden gems on film!
I hope you will all laugh as hard as I did while posting,
these amazingly blackmailing photos!

Except for this one...this was my doggy Jack.
Dumb as rocks, but cute as a button!

The Three Amigos- so hard core! ;)

Felt I threw up the double peace!

Mouth full of lemon heads! Does it get any better?

"PTC" aka...Provo Thug Connection

My first tennis experience....a little enthused!

Who could pass up a ugly face contest while driving?
NBD, we are so safe!

Sorry Ladies, this sexy man is taken! ;)

One might think this was Halloween,
NOPE- just your average FHE in Provo...
Do you think anyone wants a roundhouse to the face
from Traci? I didn't think so!

It's a MIRACLE I got married!

THE BEST Halloween hands down I have ever had!

FYI...My butt is TOTALLY stuffed with pillows!
No smart comments necessary!

Eat your heart out Kip!
Sorry to all of you who I might have embarrassed. It was too good to pass up!
Love all your guts!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful for my Freedom

Thanks to those who have fought or are fighting for the freedom of others and for a better world for all of us. May we never forget their sacrifices. May we live our lives in a manner worthy of the sacrifices that have been made for us. God Bless our troops!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful for Vitamins

I am so grateful that we live in a day when we
can get extra vitamins to keep us healthy,
in a pill form! You don't have to eat anything gross,
or take the gross stuff called,

Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful for Holiday Foods

I love the holiday season, and LOVE all the foods
that come with it! I love putting olives on each of my fingers,
and plucking them off, one by one, like when I was
a little kid! I love stuffing and could eat a whole batch all
by myself! I love homemade rolls and pies! Pretty much anything
that will make you gain 20 lbs. over the holidays, you
can count me in!

Please enjoy my favorite holiday SNL Skit!

Thankful Post #7 & 8

I am SO grateful for MOVIES!! I am a movie buff,
whether I watch them at the house or at the
theater, I am always a fan of a good romantic comedy,
action movie, sports movie, cartoon,
I hate them with a passion! I am a huge wuss!

I am also grateful for the fact that I live in this country,
that has electricity, but also this era in time. We went
to see "A Christmas Carol" this weekend, and there
was a part where they are in certain rooms and only have
a candle for light in a HUGE, dark house, and that's also used
for their heating! I am so spoiled! I always turn lights on in
the house when I'm by myself and would probably
always freak out if I had to go into my dark house by only
using a candle!! Again, HUGE wuss!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful I Never Met Elizabeth Lambert

Or should I say, Elizabeth Lambert should be thankful she
never met me?!?!?

I was never a dirty soccer player, but let's just say you could call me sturdy and
one that never backed down from anyone. I always enjoyed a good challenge
and would LOVE to hear girls try and talk crap. Like really? Do you
realize who you are talking to? Listen trick, you don't wanna go
down this road I promise! Anywho, playing at BYU we always had a target on
our back. It felt like every week was rival week. If we tied, the other team would
cheer as if they won the world cup. If they happen to win, you would
have thought they had a parade waiting for them back home to congratulate
them on this MOMENTOUS occasion! Maybe even a key to the
city from the mayor! I obviously HATE losing, but hate it even more when
you A. know that you are a better team, but 2. when the other team was
just down right dirty. BYU is always talking about how we not only
represent ourselves and our University, but also The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints. So this makes getting into an altercation of any sort,
that much more of a big deal. Now I love the church, BUT BUT BUT there is NO
way in hale I would ever let some trick push me around the soccer field like
Ms. Lizzy seems to do in this clip. All I know is that if I had played yesterday,
I would without a doubt be sitting the next game out. NO ONE, even gets in her
face! How can you honestly be punched in the back, have your hair pulled
and yanked to the ground, be kicked in the face, punched in the face and NO ONE says anything or does anything about it?? REALLY?? It honestly proves
nothing by politely telling her "Scorebaord". Big whoop, you are up 1-0.
She is still putting you to shame and making you her own personal rag doll.
I don't care who you are or how tough you think you are,
no one should get away with that!

So, Ms. Elizabeth Lambert, be thankful you never met me, because I promise
you, you would have not liked the outcome my "i think i'm such a thug/badass"
soccer princess! I would have owned you. So, if you still feel tough, and
haven't hopped on a flight back to Nowheresville, NM....I am still in Provo,
come find me trick! ;) I will show you what a real BYU player is all about!

All in all, I enjoyed playing soccer, and loved competing. But i am VERY grateful,
I never came across such a dirty player like this chick, because
i think my days on the field would have been limited! The coaches already had it
in their minds that I was a crazy California girl, I'm sure a fight on our home field
would have sealed the deal!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful for Employment

I know I always complain about my job, so for me to say
I am grateful for it might sound funny, but I am. I mean for one,
in a time like this I have a job. Two, I am in no way
rich, but it pays pretty darn decent and has amazing health benefits.
I have THE coolest boss hands down! I also have a few other
people that make this place bearable! ;) So, although I complain all the
time, I am indeed VERY grateful I have a job!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thankful for a BIG, Comfy Bed

I LOVE sleep! I love to sleep in, I love to take naps,
I love to cuddle up in bed and watch a good movie.
We have the best bed, not only is it HUGE...but it's
the perfect combo between firm/soft.
I never want to get out of bed in the morning
I am always too comfy! I can never wait to
go lay down in bed at night and sweet dream the night away!
This is a simple pleasure but one that i LOVE!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thankful for Grace

This cute lil' one is Grace. She is one of my 4 nieces and is adorable.
She is ALL girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Grace lives in NC, so I don't get to see her very often,
but I love hearing the funny things she says,
and everything she is getting into!

She is such a cheeseball, but is also the biggest sweetheart!
Graciepoo is 8 and about to get baptized :) I loved
seeing her cute face on her invitation and if i had
mucho dinero I would fly back there for her big day!
I am sure she is so excited for this HUGE occasion
and I am excited for her!

I am grateful for grace and her faith in our Heavenly Father.
Even at the age of 8, Grace is making a choice for herself, and for
her future family. I am grateful for little girls like Grace,
that are examples to those around them, but also even to her
Aunt Brookie. It reaffirms my faith, my beliefs, my love
for my family and for one day my eternal family.

Grace is so lucky to have the parents that she has. They are
amazing parents, and I am so grateful she has been taught that
Heavenly Father loves her and watches over her daily. I know
she has a testimony of the gospel, and I hope that she shares it
with those around her that may not be as fortunate as her
to have the knowledge and the gospel in their life.

Grace, I love you! I am grateful for you and for your willingness
to follow the plan that Heavenly Father has for you. He
loves you so much too, and I know on Saturday he will be
so pleased and proud of you!
My one suggestion for Saturday is this:
Aunt Brookie was in charge of packing her own bag for this
joyous occasion...I made sure the pair I wore didn't have anything like
rainbow brite or princess's on them, BUT forgot
to pack an extra pair for after when I came out of the water! I had no choice
but to put on my clothes without anything on underneath...let's just say I
was NOT a happy camper! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful for My Sissy La La

I am incredibly grateful and thankful for my little sister Kaitlin.
I always wanted a little brother, but Kaitlin is
even better! She is the best sister, and an amazing friend.
She LOVES to laugh, and when she does, you can't help but laugh too!

She loves to entertain and catch you off guard!

She is such a sweetheart and always knows how to cheer you
up and put a smile on your face!

She is a 100% total and complete goofball!

She has always been supportive and is
always there when you need her!

I am so glad that I get to support her now,
in her glory days of soccer at UH!

Team Thulin is Fierce!

She makes friends where ever she goes, and
people flock to her because she is so much fun to be around.

She also shreds at soccer! She is what you might call "a baller"!

We never got to play soccer together because of our age difference,
so we look forward each year to the alumni soccer game,
and showing the new pipsqueeks how the game is played- THULIN STYLE!

She was the cutest 16 year old! So tiny, and gotta love the braces!

Although we have different features, we still share one
HUGE thing in common.
Our lady lumps!
(can you guess which one belongs to who!?)

She has always had a love for water, growing up
we did Jr. Guards together, went to the Edison pool every summer,
laid on the front lawn and concrete in the sun for hours, ran through sprinklers,
we had so much fun growing up together in CA.
and 20 years later nothing has changed!

She has THE BEST sense of humor!

She is always so giving and caring. She loves to do
things for others and is VERY thoughtful.

She OBVIOUSLY has impeccable morals! ;)

We love to just chill and talk and make funny faces.
We constantly have contests of who make
make the uglier/funnier face! It is
never a disappointment!

She is seriously a GEM!

She likes to P.A.R.T.Y.!!!

She has always been there for me in my worst moments
but also for my all-time high moments! She is more than a sister,
she truly is a best friend!

She is beautiful, inside and out!

She is an amazing little sister, and daughter! Just ask my mom
how many grey hairs Kait has given her! ;)

She was not only there for me on my most special day,
but made my day so amazing. She seriously did so many
things for me on that day, and I will always be
grateful to her for that. I can't wait to be there for
her, and make a toast about how "awesome" she is!

I am also so grateful, that Kait and Michael and my mom all
get along so well. ESPECIALLY Kaitlin & Michael. They LOVE
teasing each other, but the REALLY love teasing me. They play off each
other so well sometimes it's sickening! It's all in fun and I really
am so grateful they love each other. Kaitlin has another older brother,
and he has the little sister he never wanted! haha! JK! He loves Kait so much,
and already calls her "Crazy Aunt Kait" :)

Kait, You are a beautiful, loving, compassionate, understanding and amazing little sister but more importantly, an amazing person. You are a HUGE example to those around you, and have the ability not only to light up a room when you walk in, but an ability to change the lives of those around you. You bring out the best in people, and especially in me. You constantly help me strive to be a better person, and a person that you are proud to call your sister. I hope that I have been an example to you, like you have been to me. I am so grateful for you in my life, and want you to know what a HUGE blessing you are. You will be an amazing wife, mother and aunt when those days come! Til then keep being your crazy self, who we all love and love to laugh at! I love you with all my heart sissy la la!---Love, your big sisto!