Thursday, September 29, 2011

Summertime Meant Watermelon!!

All I can say is my son is OBSESSED with watermelon and I am equally obsessed with watching him eat it. There were a few nights this summer when we would be in the backyard after the grill master made dinner and Brady would SEE the watermelon container.....not the watermelon itself but just the container...and would point to it and not eat a single thing until he had his fair share and then some of watermelon. A few nights that was dinner. Fabulous parenting I know. But he was happy and full so I guess one night of watermelon for dinner won't stunt his growth or development! But the kid knows what he wants. He is now pointing at EVERYTHING he wants and shakes his head NO back and forth if that is not it. OPINIONATED!!! To say the least. But I love it :)

All gone!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

B's 1st B-day in CA

I know this is like almost 3 months later, but this summer was so fun and so busy that I am just playing catch up with family photos. Brady was so lucky to not only have one Mickey Mouse party but TWO! We had one with our friends here in UT and another with the fam in CA. He is so lucky to have so many people who love him and so are we. The theme was Mickey and I used the same decorations with a few added things from Auntie Sharon for the big day. We had cake smash #2 and he still loved it just as much! Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate our little guy's first bday. It was so special and so great to celebrate with loved ones! And thanks for spoiling him rotten!! A big thanks to my Auntie Sharon for hosting the party at her house and to her and Gma Kip for helping me with the decorations and planning for the big day! Love you!