Monday, December 21, 2009

Swish Swish Swish

Today was another amazing day, experiencing a phenomenal
first with my love, aka baby daddy Bakken! ;)
Today we were able to hear Baby B's heartbeat!
I am 13 weeks along, and while I have had no complications
I still was nervous going into this appointment.
It had been a whole month since our last/first visit,
and I was curious to see if there really was something
still baking in there! So they put us in a room,
which had no equipment in it, which we found odd.
Seeming as this is our first rodeo we don't really know
what to expect and when to expect it. So I started wondering
if we really would hear the heartbeat today. But the doc
came in with this portable little thingy,
no idea what the technical term for it is and said,
"Let's hear this heartbeat shall we??"
Heck yes doc, let's do the dang thing!

But first, he forewarned us not to freak out if for
some reason he couldn't find the heartbeat right away.
He said that sometimes the baby is moving around and it's
hard to get a good read on it. So with my anxiety
already a little high, he put some jelly on my mooshy belly
and put the scope up and we had a listen in on
Baby B. Luckily and thankfully he found the heartbeat
really quickly, I think quicker than he anticipated
as well because he let out a "oh well never mind, that was easy"!
It was an amazing sound and all I could do was smile.
I have a baby in my belly! CRAZY!
I promised Gma Kip, who was possibly more excited
than Michael and I for our visit today, that I would try
and record it for her, since she couldn't be with us.
I recorded it on my phone, but I think it came out pretty
good! I could listen to it all day, it is seriously so amazing
to think we made a lil' human being and I (quite scary) am
the one to make sure it comes out healthy and strong! I
feel like it's such a scary, huge responsibility but I already
love the lil' Gummi Bear so much and already feel so connected!
I can't wait (but we will have to for a while) to know what
HF will be blessing us with for the first go around! Boy or
girl I will be overjoyed at the huge blessing this truly is!
So grandma Kip, here is Baby B's strong and
healthy heartbeat!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Surprise visit from Santa

Santa came early this year to the
Bakken house. It was completely
unexpected, even though we both
have been good all year....
But he dropped off a little
bundle of joy! We will be making
our family of 2+ a crazy Kitty,
into a family of
3 + a crazy Kitty!!

Do Not Open Until June 27th, 2010
We are both so excited for this new adventure!
My mom and sister both had amazing reactions to the news, which I will never forget,
and one day will embarrass Grandma Kip
for her potty mouth! ;)
We both feel so blessed to have
this enormous opportunity to
bring a lil' one into the world.
We have amazing and supportive
friends and family and this
lil' one will no doubt
be crazy spoiled and loved!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We are the CHAMPIONS!

I say "we" are the Champions very loosely. I did nothing.
I cheered my heart out though, and supported
the team every step of their journey!

Michael had the opportunity this year to coach the O line at
Timpview HS. He honestly loved every minute of it, and
seeing him so incredibly happy and enjoying all the hours
he was putting in, made me just as happy.

He would spend hours watching film, always trying to prepare
his boys for the upcoming game. It was so fun to watch
them play so well, knowing that he was teaching them,
and they were putting it to good use on the field.
He had some amazing athletes on his O line, and they were so
fun to watch! The team dominated this year no matter who they
were up against, and to see Michael's smile after each win, was
a picture I will never forget!

I loved our "good game coach" kisses and hugs!

This was after they beat the #1 ranked team in 4A in the
semi's to take them to "THE SHIP"!
It was a really great game, despite the snow,
and crazy cold wind it was more than worth
the drive up to U of U!

This is Coach Mike before the final game. No idea what
they are doing, but I'm sure he does!

A lil' pep talk before the big game!

O line in action! Create those gaps boys!

Jaime and Jason got to come to the early 11 am final too!

My handsome Coach!

Sweet lookin' trophy!

Michael and his boys! It's called a 4 peat folks!
State champs 4 years in a row! Booya!

I am so sad that their football season is over but had so much
fun going back to High School football and watching
all these talented guys, and learning about where they are
headed in the future! There are so many players from this team to
watch for next season in college! I am also so excited that
Michael has found what he is passionate about and that
he has decided to go for his dreams and try and coach on the college
level! he did such an amazing job this year and i know he
will be a great motivator to anyone he coaches in the future. I am
so excited I get to see him grow as a coach and so excited
to support him every season. I married THE perfect guy for me!
Football coach?! YES PLEASE!