Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was filled with Turkey (deep fried) rolls (mine, Brady's and the kind you bake)
smiles, giggles, hugs, kisses and some major drool (mine over the deep friend turkey
and Brady's from teething!) We had a wonderful time as a family and were so lucky that Grandma
Kip made the trip up for the week. Holidays are so much nicer with family around, 
and Brady makes the holidays way more fun too! 

As always we took a million pictures of B$ on his first Thanksgiving. I am incredibly
thankful this year for so many blessings in my life, and this little boy is one HUGE reason why.
I love you baby bear to the moon and back!

Always all smiles!
Thanksgiving 235

Thanksgiving 248

We are REALLY into pulling hair lately and putting it in our mouth...
Thanksgiving 250

Oh momma I love you :)
Thanksgiving 251

Now I'm gonna get you!!!
Thanksgiving 254

Ha Ha!
Thanksgiving 255

Thanksgiving 263

Who put these feet here??
Thanksgiving 266

Thanksgiving 267

nummy nummy fingers!
Thanksgiving 273

Thanksgiving 274

You talkin' to me?!
Thanksgiving 277

Thanksgiving 278

Such a sweety (this is grandma's view)
Thanksgiving 280

This is mommy's view!
Thanksgiving 285

Made one INCREDIBLE turkey!
Thanksgiving 307

Thanksgiving 310

Thanksgiving 313

Thanksgiving 316

I mean REALLY!
Does it get any cuter than this kid?
Thanksgiving 320

Thanksgiving 330

Lovin' the drool!
Thanksgiving 349

Playin' peek-a-boo!
Thanksgiving 332
Thanksgiving 337
He LOVES it!
Thanksgiving 340

Friday, December 10, 2010

November 27, 2010

On November 27, 2010 Michael, Brady and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple.  It was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget! I feel completely overwhelmed and insanely lucky to be sealed to my best friend and amazing husband, as well as our wonderful boy Brady. I am so blessed that our family does not stop when we die, but continues after this life and on through eternity. I think honestly that's what Heaven is to me...being able to be with your family forever and around the one that you love and that love you the most. I am so grateful for the love that Michael shows me on a daily basis and for the wonderful father that he is to Brady.  Brady already loves to stare at amazement at Michael and I can't blame him! Michael we love you so much and can't believe how lucky we are to be loved by you!

I want to thank all our friends and family that supported us and helped us get to where we are today, and thank everyone who was able to attend.  We were missing a few loved ones, but knew that they were there in spirit! :) We are so lucky to have amazing family and awesome friends that we consider family in our lives!

On our way to "Seal the Deal"

Right after our sealing....Brady's smile is exactly how I felt too!

 SLC Temple, UT November 27, 2010

Love this little boy!

"Whoa! I have a wicked cool tie on! Thanks mom!"

We LOVE you to pieces GRAMMIES!

All my girls! Minus Sissy La La, Midge & Jaime! Missed you all!

The Bakken's & The Platt's= BFF's for life :)

Uncle JR & Aunt Shae drove in from CA! We were so grateful to have them there! Love you both!

Aunt Traci was my BFF at BYU! Love you! Ps...Brady still hasn't taken his eyes or mouth off of his tie!

Kimmie you are my sister from another mother! Love you always!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cutie Pie

This last week was so much fun with my mom in town. She got to spend some quality time with B$ since she had the entire week off for TG and we still had to work through Wednesday. She was our live in nanny for a few days. Brady gave her a run for her money on Monday, and I will never forget the look on my mom's face when we walked in the door from work. She looked a little disheveled and completely relieved to see someone to come save her from our grumpy boy! Brady has been teething this last week, and he has NOT been happy about it. He can go from happy to down right angry in about .25 seconds. Once we finally figured out what was going on with the poor guy, we got him to calm down a bit with some meds for his gums.

I mean who could be mad at this face?!

This last week has also been a week for self discoveries and milestones.  Brady has found and become enamored by his toes. He holds them and stares at them in his Bumbo, he now holds on to them while I change his diaper, and tries to bend as much as possible to get them in his mouth!

We have discovered that he is teething and EVERYTHING goes in his mouth and he NAWS on his little fingers, chew toys and even his binkie!

He has also found his VOICE...and boy does he use it! He just jabbers all day long and all of a sudden has found this gut wrenching scream....not sure why he screams but oh does he scream. Anytime he is not happy about something he screams. it needs to go ASAP!

Brady also found his ears this last week. He can't seem to quite understand what they are...he just knows there is something on the side of his head that bends when he plays with them....

We have also recently found our tongue. We stick out our tongue constantly and make the funniest noises and blow all kinds of spit bubbles with them. It is quite entertaining to say the least.  He also loves when you do it back to him and thinks that's the funniest thing ever!

It is so fun watching Brady turn into a little boy right before our eyes. He is an exact mix oh both Michael and I.  He looks EXACTLY like I did when I was a baby but yet has Michael's personality 100%! So he is Mom on the outside and Dad on the inside! :) I love being his mommy and feel so lucky to have this little
boy in our home.  He is teaching me so many things about life and perfecting me as we go along!
Brady I love you to the moon and back!

P.S.  Brady is 5 months today!!! Where the heck does the time go?? I swear it was just last week I was pregnant and on my way to the hospital at 3:30 am about to have a baby!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chubby Takes a Bath

I love when my mom comes to town because that means we take lots of pictures of Brady
and that also means that I get lots of pictures WITH Brady :)
Brady LOVES his bath but I think he just loves to be naked in general.
He giggles and giggles when I take his clothes off ( not good... not good at all!)
He loves to splash in the water and gets water EVERYWHERE and gets our entire
kitchen including me...SOAKED. I am thinking of bathing him in my bathing suit!
We call Brady's bath his Hot Tub....and I myself have a love for Hot Tubs...
so I think I know where he gets it from!

Lovin' the drool!

Lovin' this chunk!

Look at that backside! He got it from his Mama!

Brady has recently learned how to pull himself up in the Hottub!

Go Muscles!!!

He also loves to hold the hose and bath himself! :)

Look at this cutie!!!